Art Goals


Art Goals

For 2017, in no particular order:

  • Tiny shrines
  • Big Creepers
  • Make BJR Orbs bigger and very 3D
  • Figure Drawing classes & draw from nature and studies more
  • Workshops
  • BJR stickers & shirts- silkscreen projects
  • Swap hosted by me
  • Frame all posters and prints for the collection & zines
  • LLC LW & BJR
  • Self Portraits- 3? 6?

For 2016, in no particular order:

  • Start a project life album and make some mini albums
  • Make bigger pieces this year, more than 11″ x 14″
  • Do more assemblage and sculpture. Make collages 3D
  • Finish workshops and zines and other secret products
  • Print out instagram photos from 2015
  • Draw from life more, take time out for thumbnails
  • Go to a live drawing class, or with models
  • Read at least 24 books, including bios, draw responses